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Frenetik Void was born in 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he works and resides. He studied in the University of Buenos Aires, In the Sound and Image Design career. As a 3D artist he’s made a very intuitive and autodidact path.
Surrounded by romantic post humans and strange creatures in inhospit environments, the work of FV suggests a unique idea of a distant future.
He has participated in several exhibitions such as “The Wrong Digital Art Biennale”, “Iconic Biennale”, “Museo della Permanente” and “Art Basel Miami”. He worked in the crypto art world since 2019 being a pioneer in this community. His artworks are exhibited in many different platforms such as Super Rare, Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace and Known Origin.
In 2019 Frenetik Void created “CryptoArg” the first Crypto Art community in Argentina and one of the biggest in the world.


Frenetik Void nació en 1994 en Buenos Aires, Argentina, donde trabaja y vive. Estudió en la U.B.A, Diseño de Imagen y Sonido y se formó como artista 3D de forma intuitiva y autodidacta.
Frenetik Void creó un amplio cuerpo de obra que trabaja sobre figuraciones post-humanas, criaturas extrañas, mundos lejanos, sueños oscuros e ideas románticas. Sus trabajos se exhibieron en varias muestras como “The Wrong Digital Art Biennale”, “Iconic Biennale”, “Museo della Permanente” y “Miami Art Basel”. Trabaja en el mundo del crypto arte desde 2019, siendo un pionero y referente de esta comunidad. Sus obras se exhiben en diversas plataformas como Super Rare, Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace y Known Origin.
En 2019 creó CryptoArg, la primer comunidad de crypto arte en Argentina y una de las más grandes del mundo.


MOCA x Medium by Julián Brangold (Part III)

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: A chat with Frenetik Void
The following is a transcript and translation of an audio conversation between artist Frenetik Void and artist Julian Brangold recorded over Discord on the 24th of April, 2022.

MOCA x Medium by Julián Brangold (Part II)

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: A chat with Frenetik Void
The following is a transcript and translation of an audio conversation between artist Frenetik Void and artist Julian Brangold recorded over Discord on the 24th of April, 2022.

MOCA x Medium by Julián Brangold (Part I)

Julian Brangold Analyzes Frenetik Void’s Latest Works

MOCA x Medium by Maxwell Cohen

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Frenetik Void is Drowning
Comparing the artist use of water to Dali’s deserts. By Maxwell Cohen


Frenetik Void’s art caught our eye because of its sheer uniqueness and surrealist touch. Amorphous body parts, distant landscapes, and a deep look into what it means to be human is what you’ll receive when gazing at a Frenetik Void.

Visual Atelier

Frenetik Void’s Experimenting The New Tech Surrealism In His Digital Expression

Chimera News

Frenetik Void: The Chaos of Being Human
Stand at the edge of a void, look down, and what do you see? Most likely nothing. That is if that void resembles what dictionaries define a void to be. In that case, it would literally be an empty space.


There is a spectacle in each of Frenetik Voids pieces, its just a matter of sitting in the front row.


Inspired by his fascination with the idea of creating worlds within games, Frenetik Void spent hours creating custom maps with games. Realizing he could create his own virtual environment through 3D design, it opened the path towards technical experimentation. So when the screens turned off, literally, and he saw his reflection, he scanned his head and body using a kinetic sensor, creating models which became expressions of himself.


La Verdad addresses themes of birth and rejuvenation through celestial colours and reflections in a tranquil landscape. This scene appears to be interrupted by a rush of pearlescent slime that cascades over a penguin skeleton to draw the eye to the baby in the bath, suggesting its sexual nature and as overt celebration of birth, life, and death.



Tages Anzeiger


A dilemma emerges where something is meant to be broken: a pull between reason, the tether, that which keeps us in one piece, and feeling, the inefable, an electronic rock heavy on the chest. Articulated for no reason other than balancing between the two, Frenetik Void’s work invites me to traverse these parallels. They do touch, but it’s not clear when or how. Anyway, more on this battle moving forward.

ParkView Museum

Il Venerdi di Repubblica

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Frenetik Void x MOCA (Museum of Crypto Art) x VerticalCrypto Art

MoCDA Interview

I know your efforts to achieve everlasting change have been futile.

You should accept that as a fact and move on to the next question: why is your mind toying with the possibility that I might be only trying to confuse you?

If your will is to let go of paralyzing doubt, and decide to enter on your own accord, there is only one condition that lies as a locked door -the size of your existence- in front of you.

This condition will require that you embrace the unexpected as a long lost sibling, consequently surprising the infinitely mutating personas that you are trying to decode, with only your squinting eyes as tools.

Attention is a must.

Truth is an elusive liquid, so try to hold it as long as possible:

Every time you felt that nobody was watching, that nothing was expected, that meaning was a farce, every single time you were dangerously wrong. All this has been crafted for you, the center of a multidimensional macrocosm of creation.

Cowards are left behind, options are minimal and definitive: