Frenetik Void 0/0
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Frenetik Void

I know your efforts to achieve everlasting change have been futile.

You should accept that as a fact and move on to the next question: why is your mind toying with the possibility that I might be only trying to confuse you?

If your will is to let go of paralyzing doubt, and decide to enter on your own accord, there is only one condition that lies as a locked door -the size of your existence- in front of you.

This condition will require that you embrace the unexpected as a long lost sibling, consequently surprising the infinitely mutating personas that you are trying to decode, with only your squinting eyes as tools.

Attention is a must.

Truth is an elusive liquid, so try to hold it as long as possible:

Every time you felt that nobody was watching, that nothing was expected, that meaning was a farce, every single time you were dangerously wrong. All this has been crafted for you, the center of a multidimensional macrocosm of creation.

Cowards are left behind, options are minimal and definitive: